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From the Madeleine to the Place de la République

place de la concorde 6654-5.jpg.webp

The Madeleine church from Place de la Concorde

La Madeleine

The Church of the Madeleine

Fleuriste place de la Madeleine-3153_DxO.jpg.webp

The florist on the Place de la Madeleine

Boul des capucines

Boulevard des Capucines

Le Printemps_2133-19.jpg.webp
le printemps

West facade of the "Le Printemps" store


Bus shelter in front of the "Le Printemps" store

Toits du Printemps 75009-4162-6.jpg.webp

Terrace of the store "Le Printemps"

Le Printemps_2077-22.jpg.webp

Terrace of the store "Le Printemps"

galeris lafayette

The dome of Galeries Lafayette at Christmas

Palais Garnier 2.jpg.webp
Palais Garnier

The Opera Garnier

opéta comique

The facade of the Opéra Comique


Notre-Dame de Lorette and the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Montmartre from rue Laffitte

vue lorette et sacré coeur
Boulevard des Italiens_1780-10.jpg.webp

The head office of the BNP Paribas bank on the Boulevard des Italiens


Temple of fresh money.!!

Entrance to the bank's head office on Boulevard des Italiens

passage des princes0502-9.jpg.webp
passage des princes

Passage of the Princes. This small passage contains nowadays the sign  JouéClub   divided into sections in all the old stores in order to preserve the original integrity.

Le Brebant-20.jpg.webp
cafe brebant

Parisian café-restaurant located 32 boulevard Poissonnière, Paris 9th. Founded in 1865, it was famous for the dinners organized there by personalities and members of the Parisian intellectual and artistic elite.

Passage des panoramas-1833-24.jpg.webp

Passage of the Panoramas. Entrance to the passage,  rue Montmartre . This covered passage is the oldest of the covered passages in Paris and one of the first covered commercial passages in Europe.

passage des panoramas
Passage des Panoramas 75002 1-11.jpg.webp

Passage of the Panoramas. Break of an actress from the Variety Theater

Passage des panoramas-1828-2.jpg.webp

Passage of Panoramas. 

Patrick Marechal -1826-8.jpg.webp

Patrick Maréchal shop in Passage des Panoramas.

passage Jouffroy

In the passage Jouffroy, in front of the Grévin museum.

Café, Boulevard Poissonnière_1938_DxOFP_.jpg.webp
café sunset

Cafe Sunset Boulevard, Boulevard Poissonnière, 75009 Paris

Cinema Max Linder, 75009-2795-15.jpg.webp
max linder

The Max Linder Panorama cinema is one of the last cinemas on the grand boulevards of Paris and the last panoramic single-screen. Boulevard Poissonnière in the 9ᵉ .

bld Montmartre   75002-13.jpg.webp

One of the rare examples of painted advertisements from the 1920s in Paris. The lettering "Cadum soap for the toilet" has been restored. The rosy-cheeked Baby Cadum may continue to smile at passers-by on Boulevard Montmartre for another century if the building is not demolished by then.


Indiana coffee. Boulevard Bonne Nouvelle 


Cafe, Boulevard Saint-Martin

La porte Saint-Denis 1-23.jpg.webp
porte st denis

Porte Saint-Denis is a triumphal arch located in the current 10ᵉ arrondissement of Paris and built in 1672 by the architect François Blondel, to the glory of Louis XIV. It is located on the site of a Paris gate of the former enclosure of Charles V.

place de la republique

Republic Square.

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