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Bookstore Jousseaume

A mythical bookstore in the heart of the Galerie Vivienne

Sheltered by the majestic Vivienne gallery, it opened its doors at the same time as the passage, in 1826. Today it is an essential step, which has become a Historic Monument.

Thus, more than 40,000 references populate the stalls of this emblematic shop of the Galerie Vivienne. This collection also radiates by its diversity, one can indeed find at Jousseaume both recent literature and rarer and older books. Anyway, you should know that almost all items are used. An extensive collection, further embellished with prints and engravings.

45-46-47 Gal Vivienne, 75002 Paris

01 42 96 06 24



Shakespeare and Companyis an independent English-language bookstore located on the banks of the Seine in Paris, opposite Notre-Dame. A meeting place for English-speaking authors and readers since its opening in 1951, it has become a literary institution on the left bank.

37 Rue de la Bucherie, 75005 Paris

01 43 25 40 93


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