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With Frank, you will know everything about Haussmann, the true, the false...

Quartier Grenelle 75015.jpg


We've arranged to meet in front of the majestic lion on the Place de la République, a frozen bronze creature ready to guide us through the twists and turns of Haussmann architecture on the Boulevard Voltaire.

Immeuble Haussmann


With Frank, you'll find out all about Haussmann, the real, the fake, and above all, the mystery of the architecture that unfolds majestically between République and Nation. Frank is an unrivalled storyteller, a true enchanter of the Parisian streets, capable of revealing the well-kept secrets behind those Haussmann façades that seem so familiar, but which conceal so many mysteries.

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It is said that Haussmann's arterial streets were designed to prevent riots and barricades, but Frank will passionately show you that the very soul of Paris is to be found in the narrow streets that wind their way between the boulevards, offering refuge to strollers in search of charm and history. He will tell you about the radical transformation of this once working-class district into a symbol of the Second Empire bourgeoisie, but he will also reveal the stories of resistance and workers' struggles that have left their mark here.

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With Frank, every street becomes a chapter in the history of Paris, and every building a page in this book of architecture and emotion.

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The beautiful doors of Haussmann buildings are like silent guardians of an elegant past.

Each of these doors tells a story, bearing witness to the golden age of the Parisian Belle Époque.

Each one seems to whisper: "Welcome to our world, where elegance and refinement are the watchwords, where the past and the present live side by side in harmony".

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Le Bataclan, the iconic concert hall on Boulevard Voltaire, has been forever scarred by the tragedy that took place there. On 13 November 2015, during a concert by Eagles of Death Metal, armed Islamists entered the venue, spreading terror and destruction. The images of that tragic night remain etched in our collective memory. But the Bataclan, a symbol of music and culture, did not let the darkness of that night get the better of it.

Square May Picqueray


Square May Picqueray is a haven of peace in the heart of the city. But it also carries the weight of history and tragedy. A discreet plaque, almost hidden in the greenery, commemorates the victims of the nearby Bataclan. This plaque bears witness to the resilience and solidarity that emerged in the aftermath of the tragic events of November 2015. It is a reminder that, even in the shadows of the trees, the light of memory and hope continues to shine. 

Eglise Saint Ambroise


Saint-Ambroise church

Eglise Saint Ambroise




Saint-Ambroise church is also becoming a shrine to memory, a place where visitors can reflect, remember and find comfort.

Le Café des Chats, rue Sedaine



We end this first stretch of Boulevard Voltaire in front of an establishment for feline lovers. "Le Café des Chats"

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