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Par arrondissement


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Bar de l'Entracte

Former “pissotière” for coachmen then refuge for actors, a tiny but colorful theatrical bistro. From the top of this bar, four centuries contemplate us! When it opened in 1614, the place was already a drinking establishment, La Pissotte, where the coachmen, after dropping off the courtesans at the king's castle, stopped to drink a jug and… piss.

The oldest bar in Paris.


47 rue de Montpensier 75001 Paris

01 42 97 57 76




Sunset Blvd.

Cocktail bar with a red and black decor reminiscent of Hollywood, with some walls decorated with movie posters.

26 Boulevard Poissonniere, 75009 Paris

01 42 46 13 22



Indiana coffee

Located on the Grands Boulevards, opposite the Grand Rex, a stone's throw from various performance halls such as the Comedy Club, the Gymnase Marie Bell theatre, the New Releases theatre, the Variety theatre.

18-20 Boulevard Montmartre - 75009 Paris 9

09 51 43 03 52


Le Comptoir et les Caves Legrand

The Legrand cellars in Paris are one of the most prestigious and oldest grocery stores in Paris. Between the wonderfully atmospheric Galerie Vivienne and the Rue de la Banque, this old store from the 1900s is also one of the best wine shops in Paris. The cult of the product and the good has taken over the room and the counter to such an extent that the Legrand cellars offer a short menu of dishes at lunch.

1 Rue de la Banque, 75002 Paris

01 42 60 07 12



Bar de la place Edith Piaf

A real neighborhood bistro as we like them 

There are not many neighborhood bistros like this one anymore: a small café, very small, intimate as you wish, frequented by a host of regulars of all ages, a real mix rare in cafés, all orchestrated by the adorable Zaire who knows everyone by their first name, kisses the children, we would stay there for hours!
In fine weather, the small terrace in the sun is really very pleasant and becomes downright festive on market days!
A rare place actively participating in neighborhood life and promoting social ties.

22 Rue de la Py, 75020 Paris

01 43 61 09 32


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