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The countryside in Paris in the Marais according to Axel

Jardins partagés rue des Rosiers


As you wander through the narrow streets of the Marais, Axel, this sharp-eyed Parisian greeter, reveals the unsuspected paths of this urban enclave. Like a ferryman, he will lead you along unexpected paths, opening the doors to a secret countryside nestling in the heart of Paris.



A building courtyard, well-concealed shortcuts, and you find yourself immersed in mysterious gardens, reminiscent of country parish gardens. He talks movingly about the rhythm of shared gardens, the species that flourish there, while the mansions frame these green oases.



A small door opens onto a path, and there you find yourself in an almost deserted park, where a wooden donkey, a happy bearer of children, exchanges knowing glances with a bewildered pigeon in search of crumbs it can't find.



Further on, inside the parish church of Saint Louis du Marais, behind flickering candles, a half-open back door leads you into an alleyway where the traces of time are lost, leaving only an atmosphere tinged with nostalgia.



In the street, a chance meeting with an acquaintance is enough to open the doors of a 'palace', a private mansion that is given over with the enthusiasm of a very old aunt whose visit has been long overdue.


And what about the Clos des Blancs-Manteaux, revealed after passing through several building gates, a shared garden suddenly emerging, embellished with vines that Axel is hastening to clear of invading bindweed, to give the grapes every chance of ripening gently. 



This is the countryside in Paris, according to Axel, a countryside enclosed in the meanders of the Marais... 
Guided by his passion and knowledge of the Marais, Axel reveals hidden treasures, moments of poetry in the heart of this bustling city. His benevolent gaze opens the doors to a parallel world, in the very heart of Paris, a biosphere reserve is revealed, where nature has regained all its rights with dazzling vigour. It's a veritable sanctuary where the very essence of these places must be preserved with unwavering respect.



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